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  • we are the professional Li Ion Battery materials exporter in China and we offer a complete range of Li Ion Battery materials including:

1. Al foil(thickness including 10um,12um,15um,20um,al type with 1235,1060,1070.etc);

2. Cu foil(thickness including 5um,8um,9um,10um,12um,etc);

3. Tab with PP film(Al, Cu/Ni, Ni,Cu tabs with material thickness from 0.08mm,0.1mm,0.15mm,0.2mm,0.3mm,0.4mm);

4. Separators (PP, PE and Ceramic coated,Pvdf coated,etc);

5. Cathod material(all types of cathode material,including NMC811,NMC111,NMC622,NMC532,NCA,etc);

6.Anode material(all types of anode material,including artificial graphite,natural graphite,etc);

7. Pouch(thickness including 113um,120um,150um,etc);

8. Aluminum prismatic cans(all range of size of aluminum prismatic cans,also can be customized);

9. Cylinder cell cans(including 21700,18650 can,caps,gasketand regular AA,AAA cell cans);

10. Other materials or parts for Li Ion Battery and super capacitor;

11. All types of equipments for testing center,trial lines,mass-production lines;

We had much experience in the Li Ion Battery and super capacitor and our sales and operation teams are well-known in the industry

And we provide one-stop service for all kinds of materials and components to the battery manufacturer,with high quality products and competitive csot

Quickly reply and good before sale and after sale service.our target is to help you to lower down the cost for per Wh and also provide more altenative choices for you

Our wish:To be honest,to be success